Our Social Media guidelines

Be Aware

We ask you as Players, Parents and carers to be aware of the following:
Pro Football Academy wants everyone to be able to access our webpage and participate in our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social Media Platforms. So we would like to clarify the expectations around responsible use, aligned with The FA Guidelines.

For many people, these guidelines will be obvious and you will be complying with them already. As a member of the academy, you are responsible for and need to abide by The FA Rules & Regulations regarding comments you place online about any FA registered officials (the academy, coaching staff, any leagues or FA officials as applicable).

It is against Academy and FA rules to post comments that are, or may be perceived as offensive, insulting, abusive, threatening, racist, and discriminatory or any other reference that may cause offence or harm to others. Any such comment made on official websites and/or social media platforms regarding coaching staff, officials or other players may result in disciplinary action being taken in line with The FA’s Disciplinary Policies and Procedures.

Comments made on websites that are threatening, abusive or racist could lead to legal action being taken against those responsible for posting or hosting them. Comments made may attract libel claims and legal action through the civil courts if they are untrue or defamatory.

Social Media Guidance

All parents / Guardians / Carers are advised to familiarise themselves with:
The guidance offered by the Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) centre – they provide guidance for parents/carers, children and young people, they also provide the most up to date guidance for online environments, If you have any concerns, please contact the academy’s Child Welfare Officer.